This is an emergency means for us to keep in touch with our FRiends, who are real Conservatives, in case of purging. Or, if there is no purging, do we really want to continue our discussions in the forum where the owner despises us for not supporting his non-Conservative candidate?

My purpose is to figure out what to do to continue our discussions to advance Conservatism.

  • Join another forum
  • Create a new forum of our own

I would really appreciate to get your opinion.

Update (Sunday January 31): The new forum is shaping up very nicely.

February 1, 2016:

Consistent Conservatives, come and join us at

As mentioned before, the membership is required to post. We don’t want any trouble makers to follow us into our new Circle.

February 8, 2016

Thank you very much for your suggestions!

Two weeks ago, after several of you expressed the desire to have a new home, we practically dropped everything and worked really hard to put a new forum up quickly in time for the Iowa Caucus. In addition, we grappled with the questions of how to pay for it and how to keep out the trolls. From your comments on this site, it seemed that FR might be infested with paid operatives; some even from outside the country. So, in addition to having a hard deadline to put a new forum up, we had a priority to find the way to filter trolls out.

Our solution was to have a paid-membership forum. Only one of you objected to the idea of a membership fee, and so we figured that a membership site would be a good approach. Many have joined, and we appreciate their support. Many have expressed their joy at having a troll-free site.

To the rest of you, we would really like to know what’s holding you back. What have we missed that may be stopping you from joining? What are you waiting for?


922 thoughts on “Regrouping

  1. “Concerning the Trumpets’ argument that the only way to win this election is with Trump, my response is that winning with a liberal is not winning at all.”


    This is what the Trumpbots are hung up on. We have to vote for Trump because he’s a winner, because he is popular, because his Facebook page has the most likes, etc. His liberal stance on abortion and gay marriage, his closeness to the Clintons, his business failures, his willingness to “work with”the enemy — Democrats and Republicans — none of these matter. These poor gullible people are indeed worse than the brainwashed masses who still idolize Obama. They will vote for Trump for frivolous reasons just as Obama’s worshipers did.


  2. @Silver Pines, he was interviewed on Fox a bit ago and Brett Bair ask him if they would see him at the debate. His answer was he wasn’t sure because he didn’t like the press releases fox was putting out. This is the best we can do for this country??…


  3. I’m looking forward to the website, too…I’m too dumb to figure out how to register here, lol.

    According to Alexa, the traffic on FR has taken a nosedive. It probably will get worse, but you get what you ask for.

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  4. “Trump: When I’m President I’m a different person. I can be the most politically correct person you have ever seen…” Groucho Marx: “Those are my principles. If you don’t like them, I have others.”

    According to Trump he is god – he can be anything you want at anytime. Why can’t people see what a sham he is.? It is as though his billions of dollars does make him god. I detest the man. If I had nothing and he said he would share his billions with me if I would be where he is and talk to him, I would throw up just thinking about being around him. There is not enough money in the world for me to be where he is.

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  5. Marcella, Trump is now asking his followers on twitter if he should attend Thursday’s debate, or skip it. The pathetic gutless coward is afraid to face Cruz and get shredded right before Iowa.


  6. 1-23-2006, Mark Levin is saying that no one can with the presidency with numbers as high as Trump’s…just can’t happen.

    Steve Deace’s twitter feed is interesting. He thinks Ted will win.


  7. “You are right — a willingness to alienate loyal donating FReepers is puzzling.”

    Jim changed several months ago, allowing Trump people to personally attack Cruz people. He was not stopping any of it. I thought sure some of them who joined after Trump announced, would be zotted, but they were not. I got sick of the nasty replies to whatever I posted, and I will not post on political threads again.

    I have looked at the numbers of replies on FR threads since so many of us left and are here instead, and the replies are much less since we left. The Trump people don’t have us to attack constantly anymore, so they attack the few left and then have nothing else to say on the thread. I think about 50 comments are the largest number of replies on a thread now. I will keep looking at the number of replies to see if I am right about that, but you know there have to be less posts since we are not there to attack.

    I really hope we can get a website started so I will know the names of all here and have a way to be able to see posts on threads here.

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  8. Trump just said on Fox news that we need to make a better ‘deal’ with Cuba. Why do I feel like he’s a car salesman? @marcella I agree with you I think people are drawn to him espousing the ‘deal’.

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  9. Annistinaa, I used to take Jim’s word that he was a conservative. I don’t anymore. He admitted Trump isn’t a conservative and said that isn’t the point. He posted to a Trump supporter that he has “evolved.”

    People want to win so desperately that they’re willing to jettison principle to do it. The trouble is, you can’t do that and then, after it’s all over, go back to chest-thumping about your conservatism. Doesn’t work that way.

    Have you looked at FR today? The Side Mod demanded to know if a Cruzer would vote for Trump, so it looks to me that expecting impartiality is fruitless.

    Trump supporters are over there defending Planned Parenthood,..if you don’t go along with Trump’s PP stance, you’re a “professional holy roller”. Or, in the case of Cruz, you’re this:

    “Let’s face it, you guys are just mad because your candidate is an illegal Moss Back who swam the river from Canada and whose face is made of playdough, so you have to spread lies about other candidates who are native born Americans whose faces are not made of playdough but normal human skin.”

    Someone asked Jim if he was seeing all of it and said, “Jim, it’s not too late.” Jim’s response? “The site is pro-life.” LOL

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  10. “I saw a clip of Trumps speech last night promising to save Medicare “$300 billion a year” by making a good deal.”

    People hear, “good deal” and think Trump can fix the world with his “good deal”. It sickens me that people are so gullible.

    Yes, I know about Huey P. Long – the comparison is right. Wikipedia says: “He (Long) remains a controversial figure in Louisiana history, with critics and supporters debating whether or not he was a dictator, demagogue or populist.”

    That already sounds like Trump, doesn’t it? Just what we need, another dictator, demagogue, populist.


  11. I received the zot many years ago for merely agreeing with an article by C. Edmund Wright. I was never disrespectful to anyone. There sure was a pile on when I did get booted. On another many pro life and women’s groups have came out today against Trump. I don’t see that posted on freep. Ha!


  12. “If Trump has done this much to FR, imagine what he would do to our country.”

    Exactly! Trump is all about division, so he can then rule more effectively.

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  13. I took him at face value as well. He has repeatedly over the last several elections allowed the liberal fringe to trash Palin, Cruz and anyone with any conservatism in them while also standing back and allowing them to promote baby Killers (who he himself swore that he never would, nor allow FR to) and now, after calling Trump a clown/fool/whatever, he now protects Trump’s supporterrs.

    Thats not sour grapes on my part. It’s demonstrated fact.

    If anyone can explain to be factually, how the above actions square with his own words and FR’s own mission statement, which he himself wrote, please educate me. Because the facts and the history show that every single word above is true.

    And let us not forget his post a mere 2/3 days ago that people like us need a good ‘kick’.

    For what? Being the people he isn’t?

    Where is the so called ‘fight’ against the left? If we want to be honest about the situation, all we collectively diid is fight amongst each other and give the MSM a target to point to and say “The right is in turmoil” and they did.

    So was that by design? I think so.

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  14. @annastinaa—“The only way FR remains a genuine forum for conservatives to express opinion freely, is to adhere to the policy of ONLY censoring folks for profanity or personal attack devoid of issue relevance.”

    They go the other way and have for a long time—they zot for mere opinion and allow personal attacks freely, often as not.

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  15. “Trump: When I’m President I’m a different person. I can be the most politically correct person you have ever seen…”

    Groucho Marx: “Those are my principles. If you don’t like them, I have others.”

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  16. I like what Rand Paul said about Trump:

    “Donald Trump is a delusional narcissist and an orange-faced windbag,” Paul continued. “A speck of dirt is way more qualified to be president.”


  17. PJ Schauko observes:
    “Just seems to me that if Jim and the other moderators cared about the future of FR, they would put a stop to all this abuse. That they won’t tells me they don’t need us or our donations.”

    You are right — a willingness to alienate loyal donating FReepers is puzzling. For a guy like Trump, it would be a small investment reaping RICH returns by funding FR. However, I take Jim Robinson at face value that he is a true conservative. So I wonder — why doesn’t he see that by censoring those who civilly (if passionately and even angrily) express a particular conservative opinion in a discussion, he removes the thing that makes FR attractive? People aren’t going to donate to something that lets them down.

    The only way FR remains a genuine forum for conservatives to express opinion freely, is to adhere to the policy of ONLY censoring folks for profanity or personal attack devoid of issue relevance; zotting folks expressing leftist opinions or candidates, fine, but on FR, zotting conservatives for expressing civilly expressed if unpopular conservative opinion is killing the golden goose. A beautiful, complex, easy-to-navigate, efficient cyber community that is falling apart at the seams. It can be mended still.

    But it would be just like Trump to use his money to kill a golden goose like FR in order to win.


  18. Trump: When I’m President I’m a different person. I can be the most politically correct person you have ever seen…”

    Trump sees the Bill of Rights as an obstacle.

    Trump wants to work with and compromise with Pelosi and Reid.

    Somehow I totally missed that big groundswell of angry Republicans demanding that we compromise with the left and be more politically correct.

    Trump will not win in Iowa. Today he is attacking one of the most popular Christian leaders in the state for backing Cruz. I hope Christians in Iowa are not as stupid as Trump thinks they are.

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  19. Your comment about Palin: “Interesting to see how many are willing to sell out their principals for some kind of compensation.”

    Just before Palin made her Trump endorsement speech, I saw an interview with her and she was asked what job she would like in a Trump administration. She said, “Energy Secretary”. Later, after her speech, Trump said she would make a good Energy Secretary.

    About her speeches these days: She has lost her marbles. She has a screechy, loud voice and can’t seem to make a full sentence – just a lot of words that don’t make sense. She sounds like Trump as he can’t make a complete sentence, either. Both of them are nutcases – we are sunk as a country if Trump wins the presidency.

    If Trump wins the nomination, he can’t win against Hillary. He knows nothing about the middle east countries and she knows the leaders of all those countries, has met with them and she has that down pat. Trump only knows how to personally attack people and make generalities, like about what he will do to ISIS – “take their oil! let Russia fight them!” , and, other than that, he will be at a loss for words when asked about those countries. He is going to look like a fool – he is a fool and I can say that on this forum without being personally attacked by those Trump people on the other site. This is freedom of speech.

    I hope those putting this forum together can get a website going.

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  20. Tami L. Crisp.. He’s been in politics..all WAIT WAIT….I THOUGHT his big claim was that he wasn’t an insider????


  21. Wow, this is a great read, Donald Trump will work with democrats, he gets along with Pelosi…..hahahaha,,,,if this wasn’t so pathetic it would be insane funny.

    “I’ve been in politics all my life, I’ve been dealing with politicians all my life,” Trump said of whether he would have any friends in Congress.

    Hes’ been in politics his whole life, yeah buying favors…..

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  22. @trumpmania, I said from the day Trump got in the election he was in to help Hillary get elected. Split the republican party. This election season has been so bizarre to me from the get go with 16 or 17 candidates, Gilmore?, Pataki?, people that had no chance, we still have to many, splitting the support.

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  23. FYI, all private comments at FR are monitored.

    I know someone who has predicted every election correctly since Reagan, call it luck or just knowing the electorate but he says Trump will lose to Hillary, bet on it!!

    He predicted Obama, even tho i told him he was wrong 100 times..take it for what it is worth…


  24. “We are self-funded, fiercely independent and enjoy our freedom to speak plainly in the support of God, family, country, liberty!!

    But we cannot exist without you.”

    Well, not zotting Cruz supporters would be a good start …

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  25. Cruz advocates following the law. I posted to JR and onyx kind of a blast rant. I new onyx would get JR to answer and they both did. And I wasn’t banned. I haven’t gone back to see what they said. I am disoriented here and looking forward to new place. I can donate money.
    Endorsements don’t mean much to me but I do think the Kind Cruz gets who jump in and work are useful.

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  26. @Tami—I had in mind not just the candidates but perhaps too many on FR (and elsewhere). I had always wondered (and feared) how many used illegal immigration—a more than valid concern—as a respectable cloak over their own racism and nativism. (I can even remember that there had been those on FR and elsewhere dismissing Elian Gonzalez as just another illegal immigrant, and rather nastily at that.)


  27. Lots of sad irony in Jim’s latest Freepathon post—it seems more desperate than usual:


    Dear FRiends, We need your continuing support to keep FR going strong.

    FR is funded solely by contributions made by the liberty loving patriots who enjoy and use it.

    We are beholden to no political party.

    No advertisers, no outsiders, no sugar daddies, no corporate string pullers.

    This means no commercial ads. No annoying pop-ups. No ad tracking. No mail campaigns. No spam. No one trying to control us.

    Definitely no government subsidies or tax breaks.

    We are self-funded, fiercely independent and enjoy our freedom to speak plainly in the support of God, family, country, liberty!!

    But we cannot exist without you.

    Every donation counts no matter how big or small. If you can donate $5, $10, $20, $100 or more, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Your loyal support makes Free Republic possible and your continuing participation makes FR the number one pro-life, pro-family, pro-small government, pro-defense conservative forum on the Net!!

    And we’re going to need FR now more than ever to combat the current crop of Marxists and progressives who have infested our government and public institutions and who are dead set on destroying the final remnants of our cherished constitution and our precious God-given liberty!!

    Please click the secure server link above or donate by mail to: Free Republic – PO Box 9771 – Fresno, CA 93794

    Make it a monthly if you can. We have some very generous FReeper sponsors kicking in an extra ten bucks for every new monthly signed up. And we have 32 new monthlies so far this quarter.

    Or send in a hundred dollars or more per quarter and join I_be_tc’s growing list of 300 Club patriots. I_be_tc sends in $100 per quarter and challenges 300 others to do the same. If we could get 300 FReepers to send in $100 per quarter, these FReepathons would complete much faster. And we have received 90 donations of $100 or more so far this quarter.

    Please get your donations in early so we can wrap this baby up early.

    Thank you all very much!!

    God bless.

    1 posted on 1/26/2016, 12:47:42 PM by Jim Robinson


  28. Personally, I don’t care about endorsements except that when Sarah Palin endorsed Trump, I realized for sure she is a phony conservative. If she ran for office again, I would not vote for her.

    We can tell a lot about a candidate by the people he associates with. And by the same token, we can learn a lot about the people who endorse a particular candidate. Interesting to see how many are willing to sell out their principals for some kind of compensation.

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  29. Interesting that Falwell’s endorsement comes after he stressed to Hannity that, as head of a non-profit, he never makes endorsements.


  30. @Jeff, I have no idea how the candidates really feel…..we can only judge by what they say and what their history shows, I suppose. I think Trump came out strong talking about illegal immigration, it corresponded with how ‘regular’ people feel about it…that something needs to be done. However, I don’t trust him. I really believe we will see a 180 with him, if elected.


  31. Tami—I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have always wondered one thing especially about the issue of illegal immigration and those most vocal about curtailing it—do they wish to curtail strictly illegal immigration no matter where the immigrants in question hail from, or do they use the issue as a somewhat respectable cloak to hide nativism and racism? You notice how few of those most vocal about the issue ever really come out and say, “If you came to the United States the right way, the lawful way, we welcome you to your new chosen home with open arms to be one of us.”


  32. I saw a clip of Trumps speech last night promising to save Medicare “$300 billion a year” by making a good deal. Of course that’s pretty much pharmas total US sales for a year and Medicare is probably only half of that but I was finally struck by who Trump reminds me of.

    Before even my time but I’ve heard audio and I can read: Huey Long.

    Not on a policy level of course, times are different but I was pretty shocked when it finally hit me; they’re two peas in a pod in terms of how they politic.

    Every man a king.

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  33. News came out that Falwell is endorsing Trump. I’m not the least be swayed by endorsements. I wonder, do people really care, who endorses who? I know there was a lot of angst over Sarah Palin endorsing Trump, which one again it seems people are willing to abandon true conservative values for Trump. It all boils down to what he espouses on immigration. Red meat and there is a whole lot of people eating it.


  34. Bulldog,

    “Right now Donald Trump is losing to Hillary Clinton in national polls,” Cruz said. “Right now I am beating Hillary Clinton in national polls.” Cruz made a similar claim that night to Megyn Kelly of Fox News, saying: “Hillary in the national polling beats Donald badly, but I’m beating Hilllary in the national polling.”

    The Trumpanzees are simply blowing smoke, and as we know where theres SMOKE..theres FIRE!!

    D.J. Trump clearly knows he’d lose to hillary. He’s not in it to win. He will go third party!!

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  35. “[Trump]’ll bully [the Congress he can’t fire] as LBJ did. The very thing that some anti-Trumpers hate about him, is what WILL make him a GREAT president!” It’s come down to this, folks—purported conservatives praising Trumpty Dumpty because he’ll be like LBJ, not giving much of a rat’s patoot about the Constitution’s separations of powers.


    Yet, Trump himself attacks Ted Cruz for not being nice enough to Mitch McConnell because he can’t make deals. If Trump supporters didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

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  36. Anonymous, don’t be too hasty about /r/conservative. I was banned from that forum – and from /r/tedcruz – because I suggested that Megyn Kelly wasn’t the be-all and end-all of journalism — BEFORE the issue with Trump. I was then piled on in personal e-mail by the moderators, who appear to be high schoolers in terms of their temperament. No place is perfect.


  37. I thought I posted earlier but I don’t think I logged in correctly. If my original post does show up I apologize for double posting. I was zotted/booted from freerepublic several years ago because I agreed with a comment/article by C. Edmund Wright. I made no derogatory comments towards anyone. If memory serves me the article was about the Romney candidacy. I ask to be reinstated but was denied by JR. A good friend of mine stopped make contributions because I was booted. The vitriol over Trump/Cruz has gotten especially nasty and although I’m not able to post any comments. I lurk. It does seem that what were once seemingly conservative folks have gone off the deep end over Trump. I do not support him as the nominee, however I would vote for him in the general. I have donated to the Cruz and Fiorina campaigns. I really like what she says about zero based budgeting, I don’t hear anyone else talk about zero based budgeting. I don’t hear any other candidate talk about the budget at all. I am first and foremost a Cruz supporter. Through the years, I’ve seen many of these same Trump supporters espouse they wouldn’t vote for the nominee because they didn’t have conservative values. They sat home for McCain, Romney. In fact sitting home handed the presidency to Obama,twice, so I do blame people that sit it out because they don’t get their perfect candidate. How can Trump be the perfect conservative candidate? smh!!! I’m reminded how many freepers wouldn’t get behind a Gingrich presidency because of divorces and sitting on the couch with Pelosi. It’s astounding that they have gone completely gaga over Trump. I’m glad to see this site and I hope it turns into an option for news articles and conservative commentary. Best wishes to all!

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  38. I just walked away. FR’s become a cesspool with the juvenile, personal attacks that fill every thread.

    FYI, Reddit already has some subs dedicated to conservatism and, of course, specific candidates. If you’re looking for a place to plug in, at least temporarily, r/conservative seems to be somewhat active and the level of discourse is much more….. thoughtful.


  39. It’s kind of sad, actually. Free Republic has been the best place to go on the net to discuss conservatism for years. But honestly, Trump is against most of what FR claims to stand for and not only does that not bother people, some posters actually wallow in it.


  40. I’m glad to see a new site for conservatives. I was booted from freep during the Romney campaign for simply agreeing with something that C. Edmund Wright wrote. I’ve seen way more vitriol in the Trump/Cruz debates on freep than anything I posted to that article. I ask to be reinstated and I was denied. A good friend of my mine stopped making contributions because I was booted. I’m often reminded how freepers wouldn’t get behind a Newt Gingrich presidency because of divorces and sitting on the couch with Nancy Pelosi, but so many of them fully embrace Trump. I see it as hypocisy. I like some of the thingsTrump says, especially in regards to immigration, but he has no record of defending liberty, conservatism, or our constitution. It feels to much like the hope/change thing to me. Hope he is what he says he is……..

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  41. I see the Trump worshipers are ganging up on 2nd Division Vet and Cincinnatus Wife. They can’t post anything favorable about Ted Cruz without the long knives coming out. 2DV seems able to fend them off, but I feel badly for CW. She suffered considerable abuse when she supported Scott Walker and now she is favoring Ted Cruz, the Trump Kool Aid drinkers are being merciless toward her. I’ve considered inviting her to join us, but I don’t know if my private messages will be monitored.

    She really doesn’t deserve all this abuse. Neither do 2DV or any other Cruz supporter.

    Just seems to me that if Jim and the other moderators cared about the future of FR, they would put a stop to all this abuse. That they won’t tells me they don’t need us or our donations. I had a check to FR ready to go, but I’m not sending it. Ok, my contribution won’t be enough for a McDonald’s lunch, but perhaps if the rest of us don’t donate, this might get the owners’attention. If not, I hope the Trumpbots are willing and able to make up the shortfall.

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  42. That is interesting Terrisfriend, particularly since I mentioned over there I wouldn’t put it past “win at all costs Don” to do something exactly like that and go the Obama 2008 route! And if true, this is a guy “conservatives” enthusiastically back? I don’t think so! I guess in their minds the “win” is all that matters, and at this rate they’ll be defending voter fraud, because, “Hey, the Democrats do it, so why can’t we?”

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  43. The Trumpers over at Free Republic seem almost out of place there, like a bizarre cult. They seem unwell. They have taken over too. I am for Cruz but will hold my nose to vote for Trump if I have to but still, there is something I don’t trust about him..maybe a lot I don’t trust about him. His history should make any conservative nervous. Plus his bullying. It’s surreal how those Trumpers are acting in face of all the facts and background and documented history of Trump. They seem to have lost it………all reason and rationale. And decency in their behavior.

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  44. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. They will have to register and be credentialed at the caucus. Those precinct captains in Iowa are experienced in dealing with rowdy folks who like to upset the process.

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  45. “Wendle over at FR is bragging how Trump is bussing in tens of thousands who will be at the Iowa caucuses.”

    Isn’t that what Obama did in 2008, bussed in people to caucus for him?

    I was wondering who reminded me of Trump.

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  46. Hello, friends. I finally figured out how to post here–took me a while, lol. Wanted you all to know that Wendle over at FR is bragging how Trump is bussing in tens of thousands who will be at the Iowa caucuses. Didn’t someone say he is a Trump paid employee? If true, and he knows what he’s talking about, what would the purpose of this be?–To keep Cruz voters from being able to get in their caucus site? Same day registration shenanigans? Others are trying to get him to hush, saying that it’s just to get out the vote, but he keeps digging in further insisting they will be going to actually caucus!

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  47. In terms of a new format for a new site, it would be nice if it were easy to use on a smartphone.

    In terms of what this site is going to be about, whether trump wins or not, the Republican Party is being dragged leftward, especially from the social conservative point of view. They would like to continue to count on our votes, but we will find less and less political satisfaction with them. Their attitude is “they have nowhere else to go. ” We need to create new place to go.

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