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I would like to know your suggestions for features of the new forum.

What do you like and don’t like in other forums in term of features?

No promise to get all the suggestions in at this time, though.

Update (Sunday January 31): The new forum is shaping up very nicely.

February 1, 2016:

Consistent Conservatives, come and join us at

As mentioned before, the membership is required to post. We don’t want any trouble makers to follow us into our new Circle.

All the other posts and pages at Consistent Conservatives WordPress site will be closed for commenting, except the one for the caucus discussion.



21 thoughts on “Suggestion Box

  1. I didn’t comment before, about this, so I wanted to say that I am for a new forum, but it needs some changes. Who would be designing the site? I think there are some “designs” out there. Maybe if someone can look them up to see what might work, we could look into a couple different formats and take a vote..


  2. Wish I could help you set up a website but that is one thing I cannot do. You suggested a $2.50 charge per week and that would be fine if it could be paid monthly or every three months, whatever. That method would require keeping books to know who paid what and that might be too time consuming for you. Some of us were donating monthly to the other website and I could do that if you go the donate way instead of charging each person per week.

    I see you have said you might have a site up by the day of the Iowa caucus and that would be WONDERFUL.


  3. I like chronological ordering of posts \for a particular topic but regardless how they are organized we need to develop a practice of quoting the part of the original post that you are responding to. Otherwise it is just two-way conversations between posters and that’s not very interesting.


  4. Are you sure you want to start a new forum rather than migrate to an existing one?

    Managing a forum is a lot of work and can lead to a lot of stress. I know this from personal experience.


  5. Are you sure you want to start a new forum rather than migrate to an existing one? It’s a lot of work and can lead to a lot of stress.


  6. The beehive Forum software has a fine format in terms of organization of posts…threads topics…its own brand of PINGS…Posts are easily editable …no HTML coding required as its all wysiwyg.


  7. Thanks for looking in to this.

    1. The ability to reply to a post with the option to quote all or a portion of the post your replying to. One forum I know that has this is here. (yeah.. so its a gaming website…) is a good example.

    2. The ability to edit your post after the fact. the above linked forum has that feature as well. It will annotate the post that has been edited on “time/date”

    3. options to configure how threads are displayed and organized. One option I would like to see is the ability to organize thread listings by thread activity or most recent post.

    4. I think giving users the ability to rate a post (and either bury it or highlight it depending on the number of folks rating ) may help against the problems FR is seeing (and has seen in the past) with the trumplodytes, romney bots, cochran roaches, and Ahnold zombies. However this may require a high degree of moderation to keep the same folks from abusing it.

    5. Ability of mods to delete inactive accounts after so many months OR reset their “born on” date after X amount of months / weeks of inactivity.

    6. obviously search is important.

    7. Language filter (that can be turned on and off). So those that those who do not wish to read vulgarities can have their sensibilities protected from profane folks like me. Honestly though… its the warrior spirit, passion and my irish temper that make me do it. Its kinda dumb to reject people with a fighting spirit because they may upset the church ice cream social.

    Im sure there is more, but other folks can chime in on those.

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  8. I’d like to make sure we have search functionality ( helps eliminate duplicate posting).
    User logins tied to email addresses
    At least three moderators
    Clear rules about profanity and personal attacks against members
    Editing of posts is helpful


  9. When I click under “Recent Comments,” I’m not being brought to that particular comment. Can anything be done about that?


  10. Since there are so many posts now, maybe we should change the format so the latest are at the top. It takes a lot of time to get to the latest ones! But, that is a a good sign…lots of people and a safe place to share.

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