Fellow Consistent Conservatives,

It’s time to think about a nickname to go with Consistent Conservatives.

Do we need one?

I came up with ConsistentC and CCer.

Do you have any more ideas?

Update (Sunday January 31): The new forum is shaping up very nicely.


Consistent Conservatives, come and join us at

As mentioned before, the membership is required to post. We don’t want any trouble makers to follow us into our new Circle.

All the other posts and pages at Consistent Conservatives WordPress site will be closed for commenting, except the one for the caucus discussion.


6 thoughts on “Nickname

  1. I like Consistent Conservatives, we are going to need a new website. It’s getting hard to talk about conservatism in a dorm that worships St. Donald.


  2. This is something that has to be allowed to happen naturally. I would think CCer makes more sense as a nickname because it’s easy and short

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