GOP Live Debate (January 28, 2016)

Let’s discuss the debate tonight here.


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  1. @MichiganCruzer (@RichardJSunkle)
    “Well Barry,that’s what happens when blogs like “Conservative” Treehouse are treated like news despite blatantly lying.”

    And, anything from the Right Scoop is blocked.


  2. I like that the Lump alternative was an epic fail. Of course Cruz was the target, all of their internal data is showing that Ted Cruz is going to win Iowa, then Trump and then Rubio. Hopefully after the stupid stunt the Lump pulled, Rubio comes in second.


  3. @rodamala
    “do we have a team working on an alternative site?”

    We are working on a new forum. Hopefully it will be up within a few days.

    “Can someone here please mail Gefn for me and tell her I was suspended and invite her here?”



  4. okay. I checked to have comments sent to my email box and can hit reply from there.
    I too am so disheartened by the blinded friends on FR. and would love to see a website established as a alternative.

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  5. I totally missed this thread last night… even though I had checked the CC page for updates (and made a post re: the see-through Insta-poll crap on The Kelly File immediately afterwards, that, of course, was hyping Establishment Wonderboy, Marco Rubio.

    To make comments you have 2 OPTIONS:

    1) scroll to end of a “thread” and use the reply box… or…
    2) create a loginid and password through wordpress and log on (are you logged in? hahaha). If you are logged in you can click a reply button on each individual post.

    This truly is not ever going to have the ease of FR… do we have a team working on an alternative site? or is everyone going to some other conservative forum now? I don’t want to go and try and find something to replace FR with… frankly I want to be back on FR with my FRiends, and I feel I never deserved being labeled “Troll” and being zotted, when I was only defending myself from a PERSONAL ATTACK.

    But I am just not going back… If I have to manage a Kitty Ping List on a new site, so be it. The whole situation is pretty upsetting to me…

    Can someone here please mail Gefn for me and tell her I was suspended and invite her here?

    I dunno if she was suspended too… I know she had said that she was getting tired of the Trumpanzees too… but that was in December… and I have not seen any postings from her recently, and I worry.

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  6. News report this morning that Roger Ailes talked to Trump yesterday and ask him to reconsider, and stop the Kelly drama. Trump wanted 5 mil for charity. Ailes said no, we don’t do quid pro quo. This is not how free elections should be, quid pro quo, sounds like the Clinton doctrine to me. I wish people would wake up!!! I think the dumbing down of America is complete. The monies raised at Trumps event are going to his foundation and then will be distributed to vet organization……that reeks of the Clinton way, as well.

    I have posted this many times and on many forums. I had no problem with Megyn Kellys question in the first debate and this is why. Democrats consistently portray Republicans as waging a ‘war on women’, it should be in their convention platform. Ha!! For clear thinking people Kelly’s question was spot on in the sense, if he is the nominee he will face a onslaught of those type questions. Instead of people getting all butt hurt over that question I think they should have looked at it as a gauge as to how Trump will react when ask these type question in the general election and the general election debates. The point being he didn’t handle them well!!!! He used it to make it about being treated ‘unfairly’ by Fox and Kelly,, and sadly the Trump supporters bought in to it. I never saw it as a gotcha question, I think it was apropos.

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  7. To: Anna etc., and Silver Pines:

    Well, I have all the comments coming to my personal email address and there is a comment section on each email message and that “reply” button to hit to send it so I answer that way.

    Hopefully, the electronic smart guys on here will get a website up and running. I have been checking comments on the other website and find I really do not want to post there. The Trump people are on their Trump thread and I haven’t looked at that – I’m sure they are prostrate on the floor hugging their Trump dolls. That is a really tacky thing for me to say, BUT, I wonder when the Trump dolls will hit the market? Bet they all buy one.

    People have been taken in by Trump and they cannot see him for what he really is.

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  8. I see you, Marcella — hang in there. You’ll figure it out … I am struggling too. We were spoiled at Free Republic, it’s one of the main reasons it was such a successful forum. But I think the software that makes it possible, belongs to Jim, not sure, but that’s been my impression.

    So we just have to struggle through this inferior technical stuff until things come aright if they come aright. It took me awhile to discover that the arrows in the upper right and left areas, “recent comments” and “older comments,” when the stars are aligned right (!!), will take you chronologically through the thread. The only way I’ve figured out how to respond is to go to the bottom of the page and “leave a reply.” Like this.


  9. “Where is everybody?”

    This format is very confusing. I think the others are on another part of this word press setup. I have comments coming to my regular email and clicking on those is the only way I can get a post to a particular person. Your comment came to my regular email and I clicked to answer you there and hit “reply” and it posted here.

    We need a regular website, this is driving me nuts.

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  10. The trumpeter has tattooed himself with the words spoiled brat…..tatooes do not easily fade…nor are the ones on THE FACE that easy to miss. Color him MELTED DOWN!! Mr Cruz has all the right stuff. He Beats Hillary in Head TO Head Polls and those reflect the REAL battle Mr trump was not even mentioned in the poll where Ted Cruz Beat Hillary quite handily. Enough Debates


  11. After this debate and during the weekend I will update my final Iowa Simulation predictions.

    But man. Cruz on the ground game doing everything right. If he loses IA, the country is screwed. It will be our own stupidity. How Cruz isn’t at 32% on Monday night or higher, I have no idea.

    And Trump. This charade is an embarssment. And Sarah Palin called out Ted Cruz for calling Trump “chicken”. Palin has lost all creditibility IMHO. To her, even Levin is MSM now. Just patehtic.

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  12. I have the first debate on but don’t have a comment about these as they have no chance of moving up. I think Huckabee and Santorum are nuts for going to the Trump thingy after they are done here. Perhaps they are looking for a job from Trump.


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