2016 Iowa Caucus (February 1)

Before the new forum is up, let’s discuss the Iowa Caucus here.

February 1, 2016:

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44 thoughts on “2016 Iowa Caucus (February 1)

  1. To: jwalsh07
    At this point Cruz is praying for third.

    7 posted on 1/30/2016, 5:40:34 PM by Georgia Girl 2

    To: 2ndDivisionVet
    Poor Ted. Now being squeezed from the front by Trump and from behind by Rubio. Two-front wars are hard.

    15 posted on 1/30/2016, 6:11:14 PM by catnipman

    To: babygene
    No at this point I think we are looking at Trump, Rubio Cruz or Trump, Rubio, Carson.

    20 posted on 1/30/2016, 6:18:45 PM by Georgia Girl 2

    They’re a bit subdued tonight, lol.

    And so far, not a word from the site owner about the victory by his first choice (cough) candidate.


  2. GracieGirl, come on over and sit with us. Welcome to you. 🙂

    What a night! Cruz set a record for votes!

    Steve Deace on FB:

    Ted Cruz overcomes an unprecedented onslaught of attacks, including a virtual kill order from the governor himself, to get the most votes ever in an Iowa Caucus in an 11-person field. Not only that, Cruz took on Trump and slayed the dragon.
    Thank you to my fellow Iowans, I think we may have elected a President of the United States tonight, because if Cruz can withstand these past few weeks he’s practically bulletproof.
    God is good.
    P.S….This morning I predicted Ted Cruz would finish with 28 percent — which is exactly what he got. 🙂


  3. Whoops– I posted twice, as I thought I had lost my first post. Sorry about that.

    Interesting that Trump is losing some of his supporters to Rubio. I suppose he will go nuclear on him now.

    Ankeny went over 40% for Rubio, which was a big surprise.


  4. Yeah, that’s embarrassing MC. Low info people to be sure. And even if he would have been the guy rebuilding it, that’s not exactly a reason to vote for anyone for president.

    But I’ve noticed no one has much of a good reason to actually vote FOR him.

    “He’s a doer.”

    What’s that even suppose to mean? And no one else is?

    “He’s a great leader?”

    How do we even know that?

    “He’s a great businessman.”

    Maybe. Maybe not. Trump Organization was pretty much in the red a few years after he first created it and a bunch of banks bailed him out. His business ventures have lead to bankruptcy four times. I read a comment from an anonymous attorney who said he “wins at business” like he is trying to win at politics- insulting, belittling, and trying to bully his opposition. Those traits, btw, do not fit my qualifications of a “leader” either.

    “He’s a builder.”

    Who cares?

    “He’s an alpha male.”

    Um, from some things we’ve seen and heard, maybe not. But again, who cares?

    “He’s going to build a WALL!”

    I say he won’t. We’ll see who’s right if people are foolish enough to elect him.

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  5. Hey All-

    Can I hang with you guys tonight? I had to leave FR because they are acting like a bunch of groupies over there. I mean even worse than usual. I just can’t take it tonight. LOL. I found a link to this site on one of the *many* Cruz hate fests on FR and promptly bookmarked it. What was meant for derision, has been a positive thing for a lot of people, so thank you!

    I am praying for a Cruz victory, but know that ultimately God is in control. He is on His Throne, and there is comfort in that.

    Let’s go, Iowa! Send Trump packing!

    Blessings to you all-
    Gracie Girl

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  6. That’s great MC. It would be awesome if the media and everyone were wrong and a bunch of these new caucusers went the way of Cruz rather than Trump.

    I don’t know. I hope Ted wins Iowa tonight, and he might. I just have this bad feeling in my gut and in my spirit though like I did in 2012, when all the signs pointed to Romney (yeah I know, he sucked), but still all the signs pointed that we would vote Obama out and yet I just had this feeling that people were going to be deceived and elect that evil so called president once again. That feeling is there- knowing that people SHOULD know better than to fall for Trump, but feeling that they will.

    I think I’m to the point where a lady who called in to Rush’s show today is. If by chance Trump is the nominee, I won’t be a team player and vote for him. To me, he and Hillary or two sides of the same evil coin at this point. Not just their politics, but their personalities as well. Yeah, Hillary MIGHT be worse all the way around. But I can’t vote for this man who’s conning people and trying to convince everyone that he’s something he’s not. I can’t.

    Oh well. Best to have the attitude of Ted on this one I suppose. No matter what happens, it’s in God’s hands. I truly do think we’re in the last days regardless, so it will pan out the way it’s supposed to. Still hate to see people making poor choices and being deceived though.

    But Cruz does have a shot certainly tonight, so go Ted!


  7. Hello, Conservatives!

    I had to get off FR tonight. It is like Lord of the Flies over there. Well, it is like that way nearly every day now that “The Donald has arrived” (cue trumpets and fanfare). I have lurked here for a couple days, after I saw the link to here posted. What was meant for derision, has been a relief! Thank you!

    I thought I’d hang with you guys, of that’s OK. I am a 10+ year Freeper, who is extremely disheartened with how FR has devolved these past several weeks. It’s like watching a repeat of Obama 2008. The really disturbing thing is they can’t see it. It is just so sad to me.

    Anyway, I think it is going to be very close!! I’m praying for a Cruz victory tonight. If Trump wins, it will be like an orgy at FR, so I will avoid it for a while. I want no part of that. Yuck.

    Whatever happens, I know that God is in control, and that gives me peace. 🙂

    Blessings to all-

    Gracie Girl


  8. I liked Cruz’s reaction to Beck on his program today. “How are you feeling about the results of the Caucuses, Ted” I am feeling very good, and at this point I have to say that it’s up to the people of IA and God.” He also stated that he was calm, that he always calms himself on that day of the vote because whatever the results, it is what it is, basically. I sensed confidence that he’d done his best and the rest was up to God and Iowans to decide. No sense of regrets, or that he’d not sure. He said that if Trump wins, he’ll be happy to make the call to congratulate him.

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  9. {^) Need I add that my post to Brothers4thID was said only because I love him !!! — Brothers needs to live long! *sigh* I just have to give my little nutrional lectures occasionally and hope that some day they fall on receptive dears, as someone did the same for me! {^)



    and stop the damned diet soda except for parties! No wonder you’re sickly!!! Diet soda and a whole lotta crap people eat every day was crafted in a laboratory by chemists, and you’re asking your body to process it back. Your body is designed to process simple food crafted by God and cooked by good cooks in kitchens, brewed in breweries, distilled in distilleries — real food. I drank diet soda daily for years and quit because it was bugging my stomach … replaced it with water, tea, and to my surprise my general health improved significantly. I bear witness. STOP the diet soda and drink water instead. You will be healthier, dammit!!!!

    Okay .. back to lurking.


  11. I’m not making predictions except that regardless of what happens in Iowa, I will continue to support Ted Cruz by donating to his campaign when I can and working for him in my state of California when we finally get to vote in June.

    An apropos Churchill quote in case Ted does not come in first:
    “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.”

    There is still a lot of voting between now and the convention. Trump is such a psychopath that at some point we Americans will wake up and catch on to him. I pray it happens before it is too late and we get Hillary.

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  12. This demonstrates exactly why I want to see Ted Cruz as our next President Of The United States.

    He supports constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech even by those who oppose him and disagree with him and try to shout him down,

    But he is also not afraid to have an open, honest and respectful discussion with and debate with them om the issues as long as they show respect and civility and also note that he also asks for civil discourse from his supporters.

    Ted Cruz Takes Down Code Pink Hecklers on Iran

    This IMO is the mark of a true leader as opposed to Trump who is completely ignorant of who the Islamic leaders are or who our allies are in the region are and would call anyone who doesn’t agree with him “losers” and have them removed rather than engage them in a debate.

    And note that Cruz is not speaking from a teleprompter.

    Go Cruz!

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  13. I think turnout will be 130K and Cruz wins by 3%. I will be very happy if it turns out I’m underestimating Cruz’s margin of victory.

    As an aside, I’ve been sick all weekend. My body is reminding me that I’m not 25 anymore and able to survive a Presidential campaign on 5 hours a sleep a day and coffee/ diet soda being my only nutrition.



  14. LOL ~ Lady Di said Donald gave her the creeps!


    In his 1997 book, The Art Of The Comeback, he wrote: ‘I only have one regret in the woman department, that I never had the opportunity to court Lady Diana Spencer. I met her on a number of occasions… She lit up the room with her charm, her presence.’

    Diana told me: ‘He gives me the creeps.’


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  15. I am confident Cruz has done all the work needed to win this caucus hands down,(I know that’s a bold statement) many might be surprised when it happens but I will not, I am a conservative who believes that facts, common sense, reason and logic will ultimately prevail especially when it seems all is lost. Despite all the nonsense surrounding this race we conservatives must have confidence this is our time, in the grand scheme of things that should be most obvious.

    Cruz will win, no ifs, ands or buts about it, it really is Cruz or Lose, in the current field there is no second choice.

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