The New Forum is Up

Consistent Conservatives, come and join us at

As mentioned before, the membership is required to post. We don’t want any trouble makers to follow us into our new Circle.

February 8, 2016

Thank you very much for your suggestions!

Two weeks ago, after several of you expressed the desire to have a new home, we practically dropped everything and worked really hard to put a new forum up quickly in time for the Iowa Caucus. In addition, we grappled with the questions of how to pay for it and how to keep out the trolls. From your comments on this site, it seemed that FR might be infested with paid operatives; some even from outside the country. So, in addition to having a hard deadline to put a new forum up, we had a priority to find the way to filter trolls out.

Our solution was to have a paid-membership forum. Only one of you objected to the idea of a membership fee, and so we figured that a membership site would be a good approach. Many have joined, and we appreciate their support. Many have expressed their joy at having a troll-free site.

To the rest of you, we would really like to know what’s holding you back. What have we missed that may be stopping you from joining? What are you waiting for?


18 thoughts on “The New Forum is Up

  1. It is painful to see what has happened to the website known as the “most conservative” on the internet. After fifteen years of lurking I finally joined last year (because I waited until I could contribute to post). I never witnessed such a change, including some rough comments from …of all things… the ladies. I am not a trouble maker so I did not respond and I quit posting in September, 2015 after joining only in May, 2015. I hope I did not offend anyone with my observations.
    I hope this succeeds.


  2. I’d thought that some consideration would be given to trying to support the site through ads. In terms of keeping out undesirables, I think a subscription model would be the most effective. For that purpose, strong moderation is needed.


  3. A comment on the new Forum:

    “I think you should seriously consider making the donations voluntary and dropping the unrealistic mandatory subscription fees.”

    I think you may want to consider this point. I think the initial focus – coming out of the gate – should be on growing your user base. This will likely put a significant damper on that.

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  4. Im going to agree with freedomfictionblog.

    listen, I respect your rights to have the “community” you want and associate with the kind of folks you want. Ive seen and respect the wishes of those here who indicate they want a more “godly” community and wish to read no words that offend them. I get it.

    All, im saying is that to make a difference you going to have to associate with MORE people. The gentle folks who go to the church prayer meeting or the quilting bee are never going to win wars for you. These are the soft core of our society. these are the folks that make their communities a nice and friendly place to live. These are the people who help others in need and genuinely care for the souls of others, While those folks do also stand up to fight when the time comes they can NOT do it alone.

    Rough men with rough spirits and sometimes rough language and ways are always required to win wars. We are simply NOT going to beat the socialists if we dont learn to work with each other. and tolerate each other for the good of the republic. We just cant win this war against the socialists without each other.

    However, what isnt needed are progressives in our camp. We have seen what it has done to FR. We have seen what it has done to the GOP. A more visceral example is the “american” muslim who threw hand grenades into the tents of his “comrades” during the gulf war. The enemy simply cannot be allowed to exist within our walls. We just need to be better at defining the enemy and eliminating them.

    Keeping out the enemy is work. There is no “fire and forget” way to do it that also allows the organization to grow and become strong. Figure out how to do it. Enlist folks who are willing and able to help. Then execute the plan.

    The trump trash are easily recognized. BAN them when they pop up. allow others who may have been deceived by trumps minions and educate them. We have a long war against us and trump wont be the last progressive who has nasty minions you will have to deal with.

    If you really want to build something that can make a difference your going to have to open up then do the hard work to police it. Otherwise, your just creating a “safe place” for a small number of people to chat. again, nothing wrong with that, and Ill be on my way never to bother you again if that is your wish.


  5. A brand new forum that will likely not have many members wants to charge $100+ for membership? There are free forums out there that could handle the traffic you might expect for a good while, until the number of members and the post traffic becomes heavy enough to justify charging. I understand the desire to start at the top, that’s human nature. I just think it might be a mistake.

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  6. Annastinaa: check the spam folder of the email you used to sign up. My verification email went there.

    Mostlyhomebound: I’ll happily set something up to help pay for your subscription. I would hate to miss your voice!


  7. Awesome. Ill be here regularly lurking.

    I cant guarantee I wont use “colorful” language when I get upset at something a collectivist ass has done or said so Im going to remain a lurker.


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