Update of Regrouping

Dear fellow Consistent Conservatives,

Thank you very much for your suggestions!

Two weeks ago, after several of you expressed the desire to have a new home, we practically dropped everything and worked really hard to put a new forum up quickly in time for the Iowa Caucus. In addition, we grappled with the questions of how to pay for it and how to keep out the trolls. From your comments on this site, it seemed that FR might be infested with paid operatives; some even from outside the country. So, in addition to having a hard deadline to put a new forum up, we had a priority to find the way to filter trolls out.

Our solution was to have a paid-membership forum. Only one of you objected to the idea of a membership fee, and so we figured that a membership site would be a good approach. Many have joined, and we appreciate their support. Many have expressed their joy at having a troll-free site.

To the rest of you, we would really like to know what’s holding you back. What have we missed that may be stopping you from joining? What are you waiting for?

Our new home is the Conservative Circle.



9 thoughts on “Update of Regrouping

  1. Trump is Negan… his followers “the Saviors”.. (Its a walking dead analogy… I think its fitting) Hoping someone takes “Lucille” to his friggn face..


  2. We are working on a new membership structure that includes different levels of membership, including free membership with limits on posting privileges and access to private forums, etc. We do have other things going on in our lives, so it may be a few days (or weeks) before the new structure is ready for release.


  3. If there was a donate link at your site, instead of a mandatory membership fee, you’d get more people on your site. I really wish you’d reconsider. There are those of us looking for a new conservative home.


  4. Well, I guess the discussions of the “Circle” continue in secret. I had been excited to make the new forum my online home. But my excitement has cooled, and I’m unsure how to feel about any potential membership being talked about behind my back. So, I will leave you. Thus, you will not need to discuss further any issues which I raised.

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  5. I objected. But respectfully so. 😉

    The reason I did not join is that I do not fully agree with the rules. I sometimes get angry and feel the need to be more colorful with my language to drive home the absolute contempt I have for socialists. You are free to go over my posting history at FR “Myself6” The last post you’ll see from me was pretty brutal but I knew it was the end anyway. but you’ll notice that i didnt make a habit of it.

    I try to respect the rules of the place but sometimes I cant. I know that… and I dont want to lose money because of it. 🙂 …and no, the thought of losing money wont temper my behavior. LOL…

    I am not a guy who goes to church. I curse more than I should, and im probably more belligerent than i need to be sometimes. But for all that, Ill pick up a gun to defend REAL liberty, and the folks who are fighting along side me. I get mad at keyboard warriors who talk a big game but never seem to hit their threshold to act. and that too makes me use colorful language.

    Consideration needs to be made into allowing for peoples passions and not scolding or punishing them. We WANT passion! passion leads to action! most of the folks who agree that we are losing our freedoms are friggen MAD. dont chase them away because they may use rough language.

    Beyond that, because that’s just MY character flaw…

    I think you have to allow for open forums if your going to build something where people want to go and talk about the things that are important to them. It needs to be free if you want to maximize the population. and that means that your going to need STRONG moderation to keep the hacks out. The trump hacks, the establishment hacks, the leftist hacks. They need to be identified and eliminated quickly and without mercy. Its a necessary evil. so you better get good at it from the start if you intend to continue with this effort.

    Whatever you do, dont let it stop at your keyboard guys. Go out into the world and fight. organize. do real work to defeat the socialists and their enablers.


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