Conservative Circle to Accept Free Memberships

After several weeks of planning and new, custom software development, The Conservative Circle has release an update that allows for multiple levels of membership, including a free membership level.

To make it easier for members to match their participation level with budget constraints, the site now offers three different paid membership levels at different prices and a free level. Each level comes with different features and limits on activity in the forums. You can see the details on the Plan Comparison page.

There is a strong desire to keep the Circle a fun and friendly place to interact, while welcoming broader participation and new members. The free memberships will be supported with advertising, but, it is likely that the advertising revenue will not be that great, so there will definitely be a need for paid members and/or contributions for the site to survive.

Being a Conservative-oriented site, many of the members share a belief in “value-for-value” and do not expect others to pay for their needs, be they medical care, college tuition, housing or food. They have said things like:

“I’m very grateful to whomever got this site together. I don’t mind paying a reasonable amount to support the site.”

“Speaking only for myself, this site is a bargain. I used to donate heavily to [another site]. The cost of this membership is a lot less.”

“It is costly to set up and maintain a website. I have no problem with paying. It’s either that or we are bombarded with ads for Dr. Oz’s latest weight loss discovery.”

The Conservative Circle is a mobile-friendly site where people can have fun discussing current affairs, hobbies and other interests, interact with friendly, intelligent people who share their values and maybe even learn something new.

People are joining the Conservative Circle to make new friends and re-connect with old friends who have like-minded principles and attitudes. They are also looking to get away from some of the nasty, crude comments, abusive treatment, and personality cults found on other (Formerly Right leaning sites).

We hope that one of these new plans will fit everyone’s needs. Please come on and join us today! And encourage your friends too!

The Conservative Circle Team


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