This is an emergency means for us to keep in touch with our FRiends, who are real Conservatives, in case of purging. Or, if there is no purging, do we really want to continue our discussions in the forum where the owner despises us for not supporting his non-Conservative candidate?

My purpose is to figure out what to do to continue our discussions to advance Conservatism.

  • Join another forum
  • Create a new forum of our own

I would really appreciate to get your opinion.

Update (Sunday January 31): The new forum is shaping up very nicely.

February 1, 2016:

Consistent Conservatives, come and join us at

As mentioned before, the membership is required to post. We don’t want any trouble makers to follow us into our new Circle.

February 8, 2016

Thank you very much for your suggestions!

Two weeks ago, after several of you expressed the desire to have a new home, we practically dropped everything and worked really hard to put a new forum up quickly in time for the Iowa Caucus. In addition, we grappled with the questions of how to pay for it and how to keep out the trolls. From your comments on this site, it seemed that FR might be infested with paid operatives; some even from outside the country. So, in addition to having a hard deadline to put a new forum up, we had a priority to find the way to filter trolls out.

Our solution was to have a paid-membership forum. Only one of you objected to the idea of a membership fee, and so we figured that a membership site would be a good approach. Many have joined, and we appreciate their support. Many have expressed their joy at having a troll-free site.

To the rest of you, we would really like to know what’s holding you back. What have we missed that may be stopping you from joining? What are you waiting for?


922 thoughts on “Regrouping

  1. Libbylu, you fought the good fight, girlfriend. To hell with those idiots.

    Look at it this way….no matter what happens. we’ll get to watch FR melt down.

    Either Trump will lose the nomination; he will win it and lose the election; or he will miraculously win the election and revert to type. The wailing and gnashing of teeth will be epic.


  2. libbylu here – they kept me on newbie status for weeks, looked at my posts, depending I guess on moderator rarely posted my comments. At times I would post mocking the moderators impolitely. FR is all trump all the time. Sickest posts from obscure blogs on lurid false accusations. I think I am permanently suspended now by JR for posting I would never vote Trump. I highly recommend When trumpidiots come in they apparently ban them by ISP. TRS taunt the whiny baby which I love. I can’t find my log in to redstate but read them. I think GGG was banned the same day as me. DT dragging USA deeper into a hell hole of divisiveness.


  3. My posts at FR are now moderated all because I called out trump’s liberalism. I’m finally done with TrumpRepublic. Moving on to Redstate, the Right Scoop…


  4. This is Easter season. Anything is possible to God, as long as you are on God’s side. God will take care of the lost souls. After all we are all children of God. Ted Cruz is on God’s side. He and his family will be protected.


  5. Some of my favorite peeps keep getting thrown off Free Republic. 😦

    Here’s a sobering tweet which lets one know we’re not really waiting for the End Times; we’re already there….


  6. And I will absolutely be voting for him. But it isn’t just an FR problem. It’s a soul of the people problem. The current abortion that is America is not ‘America’ in anything but spelling. And it is not worth saving. Even if, God willing, Cruz wins, he will be impeached or assassinated because the human garbage in this country will never again allow anyone that does not give them their desire of the moment and certainly not someone who is remotely conservative.

    They want their TV star, their abortion and their feelgood platitudes. So they will get a liar, a fraud and a dictator in Trump for their cowardice. I can only hope instant karma robs them of everything. Their money, their property and that their families’ realize what scum they have amongst them and kick them to the curb.


  7. FR has become a joke, really, one cannot even get news there anymore. It is all Trump all the time. As long as the Trumpsters r paying the bills, they will run the show.

    I would wear it with a badge of honor to be banned from there, just means you refused to follow the crowd.

    I need to get over to ConservativeCircle and register….i want to, just have been busy. I am thankful for those who set it up.


  8. Thanks, and I truly appreciate that…but by and large my conservative activism is done. There are too few people with their priorities straight in America to GAF what happens to it. As such, let it burn. After the SHTF, the survivors may have a better mindset on right and wrong.

    So I’ll keep the America that was in my heart, stand aside, and let the human garbage suffer the consequences of their actions. They deserve all the hell they bring on themselves 1000-fold.


  9. Fish rots from the head down.  The Fraud running the place is responsible in sum for what he allows there. He has allowed all this stupidity and protected the worst offenders vocally. just as he allowed and ENCOURAGED Romneybots after years of lying about what he’d do when the chips were down. Just as he stood all but silent as the human garbage on FR trashed Palin for 6 years…until she backed Trump. History is what it is.


  10. “They put me on the too new list, and I’ve been there since 1998. They review every post and some never get posted. I can’t reply to freepmail or add a topic to the topics list. I’m currently on my third suspension for “trolling:. I’m beginning to wonder if I want to be part of FR anymore.”

    TBP, I say this with all respect, friend….I can’t imagine why anyone is still wondering if they want to be part of FR. The place is an absolute filthy pit of demonic evil. I was just reading a thread in which a (rare) decent Trump supporter suggested praying for Ted Cruz. The responses were so unGodly and so disgusting…honestly, not much shocks me anymore, except for some of the things I read at FR. There were more Freepers willing to pray for Jimmy Carter when he revealed he had fatal cancer. Personally I wouldn’t go back if I was paid to do so.

    They posted a link to a leftwing site which contains a video about Cruz–“Full Frontal.” And they’re loving it. These are people I wouldn’t allow on my front porch, people I wouldn’t speak to on the street.

    You’re on borrowed time, anyway. A bunch of Cruzers were zotted yesterday. The head lunatic wants a Trumpanzee fan club. I say let him, and them, have it. They’re so consumed with rage that it has to be vented somehow, and after all of the Cruzers are gone, they’ll turn on each other like a bunch of retarded jackals.

    Link to thread:;page=101

    And I just saw this:

    napscoordinator to dp0622
    Thank God trump doesn’t apologize. That a highlight of why I support him. I am sick of weak men apologizing for everything. Get over it. Trump screwed some ladies back in the day and doesn’t hide it. Refreshing. Cruz weak as can be also screwed a bunch of women but is hiding behind the skit of his wife and Carly Fiorina and blaming trump. Cruz is a psycho. Probably killed a few woman in his day. He has quite a temper.

    Anyone who doubts that a spiritual veil has been dropped over the eyes of Trumpsters only need visit FR. I think the time to choose up sides is here. I agree with Steve Deace—if a person still supports Trump after this Enquirer hit job, I completely wash my hands of him.


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